Android vs. iPhone – The Debate Continues

I am in the process of selecting my next mobile device. Join me on my journey as I compare pricing plans, apps, speed and availability.


The last time I talked about this, I was just starting my journey. It’s ironic that I am typing this post on Evernote (aff link) app on the iPod touch just to get the feel of what it would be like to blog. Anyway moving on…

The need started becoming apparent when I was not able to retrieve my email from my corporate client’s account on the Blackberry. So the likelyhood that my next phone is going to be another Blackberry is getting slim.

There are no shortage of opinions on this debate (especially on Facebook). A few blog posts from around the interwebs stated their take on the issue. One woman had her iPhone for 4 hours before deciding to go back to her Blackberry. Another post wisely said that in the end, it’s best to go with the device that works for you.

With that advice, I began an application matrix. I simply started a spreadsheet in Google docs and started noting the apps I currently use on the height side. I put a “Y” or yes next to the app and the corresponding platform (Android, Blackberry, iPhone) on the width side.

So far, iPhone is leading in apps.( I know I didn’t need to write an entire blog post to discover that.) However, I needed to put down the apps I use daily for not only my business, buy also for my sanity.

As far as the apps go, the only sore spot with me for the Android is the lack of a Freshbooks  all in one app. There’s Timedroid which only tracks time. I also need to track expenses.

I did a Google search for “freshbooks android app.” ExpenseBooks came up. However, it was not included on the Android Marketplace or on the Freshbooks website which makes me weary.

Are you in the process of selecting your next mobile device? What is a snapshot of your thought process like? Let me know if the comments.



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