Google Voice & Sprint: Think Before you Merge

The talk lately has been about folks integrating both their Google Voice accounts and their Sprint phone numbers.

The thing is if you integrate, you have give having one of your numbers. For my friends and family who had my cell number for a while, if they see my calling from my business number (my Google Voice account) then they may not pick up.

On the other hand, if my business/ networking contacts see the cell number, they may overstep their bounds, especially if you just met them minutes ago, and your not sure what to make of them yet.

Also what if you end up changing providers? Then your out of your main line as well as possibly you Google Voice number.

I’ve also had my Google Voice number for a while, not as long as the Sprint number, and I have it set up so that when folks are calling me from the Google Voice, the Google Voice number displays on my phone. Therefore, I put on my “business voice” on as opposed to my personal voice.

So for me, I rather not integrate.

Do you have a Sprint account and a Google Voice number? Have you integrated already or thinking of it? What are your thoughts?





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