Blog posts that got me motivated this weekend


This post serves two purposes:

1. To confirm that I can post by email both to my main blog  via posterous through email. I stopped by the Posterous booth  during BlogworldNYC and they said that I didn't need to hashtag before the name of blog to post to said blog. so we will see.

2. Also to point out a few blog posts that I found interesting over the weekend so far. We get so caught up in social, that is easy to forget why we are so social, because of our foundation, websites and blogs. These are a few posts that got me motivated to get back into it.

Why Business Blogs Are Still a Great Idea, and How to Make Yours Better
This post talks about returning back to basics, which is what we all  need to do from time to time and remember, we all have much more room in our blogs, than we do on Facebook and Twitter.

5 Reasons why side projects are good business
This is a "no brainer" for me personally, but my side projects somehow always manage to bring me new perspective on a current project and how a desired solution can be  attained just by looking at it another way.

Email Checklist (Maybe this time it will work)
I know this doesn't talk about blogs, but it helps. Its been a while since I sent an email to my list, but its coming soon. This checlkist by Seth Godin is enough to get anyone motivated to get back to writing a newsletter, which is what I'm going to do after I publish this post.

Daily Tip: Set up Automatic Notifications to remind Blog Authors to Post
I need all the motivation I can get and setting this up for me personally will help. I know I have the Highrise (aff link)  email reminders, but "hearing it in stereo" wouldn't hurt  either.

How to format Blog Post Effectively.
Once you have everything typed out, go over it and have this post in mind. Dot those T's, cross those I's. ( See what I mean??!!)



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