When WordPress Widgets go Wonky

Pipe wrench caught in a gear assembly creating sparks


It’s a typical workday. Either you suddenly decide to check on your website (which I recommend doing daily,) or the worse case scenario, someone tells you (preferably in private with a phone or email, and not on Twitter or Facebook)  that “Something’s wrong with your site.”

You then fire up a tab or a browser window and type the URL of your site and gasp! Something is definitely not right.

This actually happened to me with one of my sites. Instead of panicking, I asked what I can do right now to minimize the effects.

After deactivating some plugins, I realized that nothing was happening. I then decided to raise the white flag and change the theme.

One can only go so far with looks, but it’s the content that is the measure of a site. So I took a gamble  and found a theme that was similar to the previous one.

I decided on the default Twenty Eleven theme. My initial thought was that it would be a temporary solution. However, I must admit its grown on me.

The motto of this post: What may seems like a setback can be the launching point for your next chapter of a website.

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