5 Things to Do to Score a Testimonial on Twitter.


Lately, a handful of Twitter Testimonials are popping up in my stream.

Getting a testimonial is tough enough. Finding the right opportunity to ask, nicely is one thing. However if you are lucky, you just might get your wish.

What should you do to get one?

  1. Do great work.
  2. Listen – This doesn’t need an explanation, does it?
  3. See a Tweet that interest you? Re-Tweet or reply.
  4. Be helpful/ Be a resource. Have a link or a tip you think your followers can use? Tweet it out.
  5. Don’t over promote. Nobody likes anyone who talks on and on. It can get boring after a while.  😮

P.S. Don’t forget to say “Thank You!” when they do provide you with one. 🙂





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