Reflections on the #HEWeb11 Conference from Farther Away

In keeping up with tradition from the regional conference last year, it is time once again to review my impressions of the HigherEdWeb Conference, this time from farther away in Austin, while I was somewhere in the Tri-State area (if you have to ask which area, then you don’t know.)

I think this tweet summed up my feelings quite accurately:

RT: @   Following #heweb11 gets me back in touch with the fun part of my job. THAT’S NICE! A little sad to be geeking out in DSM and not Austin.

What I love about conferences like these is that I almost felt like if I was there.  When web folks get together from different schools from all over, something amazing happens like  the #heweb11 twitter hashtag trending in Austin for one.

In no  particular order, here are my favorite tweets from the conference.

RT @TimNekritz: To find answers with web analytics, start with relevant problems and questions. #tnt12 #heweb11

RT @sharierwin: You have to out-care your competition. #soc1 #heweb11

RT : Stop making attribution errors – you are your own roadblock. Find a project that you really want. Do it. #heweb11 #ICP

RT : Keynote message that the web is not magic, but it is a place where the magical happens. #heweb11 #stamatscfm

RT @  Don’t try and be everything to everyone – know your audience and send messages that hit home for them #heweb11 #mmp12

RT @  #SOC10 : students: “If I don’t see what I need on a school’s website, I’ll drop it from my list” #heweb11

RT @  goals before tools!! goals before tools!! goals before tools!! goals before tools!! goals before tools!! #heweb11 #soc2

RT @  Important takeaway: that we exist to connect others, not just connect to others. #heweb11 #soc6 

Did you follow the conference? What insights did you learn?




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