The Space In Between Two Twitter Names

Using Two Twitter names

Updated: August 13, 2016

There has been much twittering about using and changing between two Twitter names.

In fact, there have been multiple how-to posts about how to, this is one of them.

There is also another post about how one user decided on a creative solution to merge her Twitter accounts

In the end, I decided not to change names, but in fact, launch another Twitter handle @StephCockerl.

With the changes going on, I had to make a decision and establish a boundary between Steph Cockerl and nextSTEPH.

I have been doing this already to some degree with the blog posts. Now, I felt that the time was right to also do the same with Twitter.

I know that there are others that have separated themselves from their business on Twitter.

Have you found yourself creating another Twitter handle for personal and/or professional reasons? Let us know in the comments.

photo credit: pair of eastern bluebirds via photopin (license)

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