5 Things To Do Before Launching your Facebook Timeline Business Page

It’s no secret. The countdown is on. In case you didn’t hear, Facebook will convert all Facebook pages to the Timeline format.

There are no shortage of guidelines out there has to how to build your Timeline business page, however there are some things that may slip our minds during this process.

nextSTEPH on Facebook is currently in beta mode and here are some lessons I picked up from converting it to Timeline.

  1. Preview your Timeline page – Until March 30th, you can preview your page without it being public. In this space, you can prepare everything that you need in order to be ready for launch.
  2. Edit your featured likes – One of the advantages of Timeline is that you can select your favorite Facebook pages. Before when you added a page to your favorites, one could not control how they appeared.
  3. Hide or delete any post you want – Scroll thru and see what posts you rather hide or delete from your profile (This goes for personal pages also.)
  4. Choose a post to pin – Go back in your archives and choose a story to pin. This will make it the first story that the user sees when they land on your page.
  5. Highlight a story or two – You can go ahead and highlight by looking for the star icon in the upper right hand area of the post. It will make the post take up both columns of the timeline.
  6. This last item is something one should be doing on the regular basis. Check and review the basic information of your Facebook page (also your personal profile as well.)





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