What the GoDaddy Service Outtage has Taught Us

The internet has a tendency to be like life. If you don’t get the lesson the first time, you’re bound to repeat it.

Sure, we saw the warnings with Dreamhost, Posterous and Tumblr .

We sit back and think “That can’t possibly happen to me. I’m with this other company.”

Then the sky is falling.

Even though GoDaddy says that service is fully restored, there are still some domains as of this moment that are still in the dark.

So what are the lessons in all this?

Backup (if you have a hosted WordPress site, you can use this to backup your site(s).

If you gotta move on,  here are some lists for Web Hosting and Domain Services.

There is no one ideal host or domain registrar.  Realize that as much as it sucks, sites do go down.

The best plan is to have a backup plan. That’s better than not having a plan at all.





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