How you can make your website better, this year

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Last year is history, and this year is only a few days old.

No matter what time it is, anytime is a good time to  make your website better.

Here are a few things you can do right now.

  1. Check the website diagnostics. Is it loading in a timely fashion? Are the links working? What error pages are coming up?
  2. Check for missing images. It happens. Images get moved and all that is left is a broken image.
  3. Check  external linking. Are all the external pages/sites going  to a new window when they are clicked?
  4. Check the content, is it up to date?
  5. Is it your website backed up? We’ve see one too many web hosting companies gone down last year.
  6. Is it mobile? More users are accessing websites through their devices. If your website is on WordPress, there are responsive and mobile friendly themes available.

What things are you doing in the new year to improve your website?





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