Is someone sending you one too many messages on Linkedin?


Has this happened to you?

Someone (a connection) sends you a message on LinkedIn one day. Fine.

The next week, they send it again. They might of thought you were out or something. OK.

Finally, they send yet another one the following week.

That was the last straw.

If I don’t respond to someone after they send emails 3 times, I’m not interested.

Quiet your friends

How to make the message clear on LinkedIn.

Go to the LinkedIn Profile.

Send Message Button
Find the “Send a message” button.

Click on the arrow and choose the appropriate action. “Block or report” or “Remove connection”.

If you choose to “Remove connection,” you will get a prompt to verify your decision.



The preceding post represents my views and my experience alone. It does not reflect the view of any clients, employers or associates.





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