A Facebook friend request from an organization

Facebook friend request from an organization

I recently received a “facebook friend request” from an organization.

Yes, you read right. A “friend request”.

The organization had a Facebook profile instead of a Facebook page or group.

Would you accept a Facebook friend request from a business or organization?

If you already did, here’s my advice to you to keep your posts from being seem by these profiles.

Is your business or organization having an identity crisis on Facebook?

Businesses and organizations having Facebook profiles instead of Facebook pages sometimes, confuses actual people who have actual profiles, especially when they send out Facebook friend request.

When Facebook was first starting out, of course businesses and organizations were confused as to how to present themselves on Facebook.

Now with Facebook being over 10 years old, organizations should be clear as to what kind of presence they should have.

If you’re a business, or non-profit, you should have a Facebook page.

If you’re a community, have a group page, or if you grow, switch over to a Facebook page.

Who should have a Facebook profile?

Individuals, period.

If your a “public figure”, you can enable subscriptions to your Facebook profile. Subscribers will only see public posts, not friend posts.

Also, public figures can also create Facebook pages for themselves as well.

Have a question about your organization’s Facebook presence? Contact us.

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