Using for your business blog? Think again.


Are you using a ‘’ site for your business blog?

Or in other words, is your blog’s web address,

You might want to re-think that.

If you have been writing for a while (over a year), you may not have the SEO (search engine optimization) credit that your site deserves.

You can only have that with your own domain name.

Yes,  I know that you can attach your domain to a site.

However, if you need to verify that you are the owner of the domain, it is much more burdensome to do that on a site that’s hosted under a subdomain (which is what is) than on your own self-hosted WordPress site.

Also businesses like to have full control of their domain, including the backend.

So, if you’re blogging for your business and looking to be found and recognized as a resource in your industry, I would recommend looking at web hosts who are WordPress friendly and migrating so that your business can truly become the master of its domain.

Need help migrating from your to a Self-Hosted site? Contact us.


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