The ABCs of communicating with a web developer


Over the past several years or so, many things have happened in my development of websites and online presence. Some good, some bad, and other times questionable.

Here are some items I hope that you’ll find useful for not only your website, but in your other professional relationships as well.

1. Be specific
A client asked me to edit a bio page. I asked “which” page as there were over 10 bios on this particular site. The client was viewing the test site, instead of the live site, which went live a week beforehand. This is why for any edits that a web developer will ask for the URL or the specific website address of the page in question. This will save time for all parties involved.

2. Do not complain about your web developer on social media, especially if they are friends or if they follow you. Yes, this actually happened. This can be viewed as highly unprofessional and makes you question your trust in them. Remember what happened to the person who complained about their employer?

3. Be reasonable
Contrary to what some people believe, web developers are people too. We have lives, kids, parents, vacations and obligations. We unfortunately do get sick from time to time. However realize that we do have other clients and we may not be able to get to your request right away. If you cannot come to a mutual understanding, its best for both parties to move on.

4. “Sites” Happen
Web hosts do go down. Not one hosting company is 100% immune. This is why its important to work with your web developer to have a plan to backup your site. The web developer and the web hosting company are two separate entities. Having a backup system in place should not occur when the unexpected happens.

5. Be the master of your own domain.
If it is your domain name, then you are responsible for renewing it. The domain name is the property of the client, not the developer. The client may entrust the developer in the management of it, but its ultimately the client’s responsibility to pay the fee.





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