Snowed in? 7 things you can do right now for your business

snowed in

Over the past few weeks, Mother Nature has had more than her say about the weather. However, she doesn’t need to have a say in your business. Learn 7 things you can do for your business while you are snowed in.

  1. Backup your website.
  2. Review your email newsletter performance
  3. Review your web analytics
  4. Have a Google AdWords campaign? Review your performance.
  5. Review your social media accounts. See what posts did well and see what you can do to do more of their type of posts.
  6. Read your website as an “outsider.” Often, we catch things on the website that I haven’t seen before because I’m caught up in the day to day of managing and maintaining a web presence for others.  With a fresh eye, one can change the game.
  7. Write thank you notes. Forgot to send out a few greetings over the holidays?  Here’s your chance to catch up while you’re snowed in.





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