3 Letters or Not? It Can Make a Difference to your Bottom Line


Back in the day, everyone typed in “www” before their domain name.

Today, not so much.

When someone signs up for a domain name, there is one thing that is overlooked.

When you are meeting a prospective client for the first time, you tell your website address.

They type only their “website.com” on their desktop or mobile device and they’ll get a default message or the web hosting site default, not the intended website.

This can not only mean an embarrassing situation, but can also mean lost newsletter sign ups, purchases or phone calls.

What to do?

When one registers for their domain name, make sure your domain registrar and/or the web host gives the option to use “www.website.com” or “website.com.”  It’s important to choose both options.

It can make a BIG difference.








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