Canva has no Kwanzaa images, again!

Originally written December 22, 2015; Updated December 30, 2020

Canva got back to me with a link to some Kwanzaa templates.

Some of these templates are missing the mark.
For example, Kwanzaa has 7 candles, not eight. One should not use a Hanukkah menorah graphic for Kwanzaa.

Also, there’s the below, but it’s still using the “Menorah” template. #Missingthepoint

Why use what looks like Diwali candles on a Kwanzaa post?

Finally, there’s the graphic which alerted me to revisit this in the first place. The graphics look more Mayan and/or Indigenous than African.

There are more images that don’t quite sit well, but I have limited time and energy. I hope that Canva gets this together, because I’m tired and it been too long.

For the sixth year in a row, Canva has no pictures of Kwanzaa,  the holiday that promotes and builds community among African-Americans and those with African descent.

The search results are an insult.

How much would it had took to have someone, anyone, to create images for Kwanzaa? We know Canva had Hanukkah, as well as many Christmas images.

I’m beyond disappointed. I have no works. I hope Canva fixes it, or I’m going to ditch my subscription.



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