Business Gifting Gone Wrong?

Business Gifting gone wrong?

Are you scaring away prospects with your business gifts?

Getting a prospective clients attention is getting more challenging every day.

There are no guarantees that they will pick up when you call,

or reply to your email.

Mailing a postcard or a letter via the postal service may get a look for a few seconds or a minute or two.

However, sending an “over the top” business gift to someone that you don’t know or haven’t build a relationship with sends a red flag and crosses the line.

So if you are trying to get a prospect’s attention, by business gifting, do your homework first.

Here are some tips on how you can begin.

  • Connect via social media
  • Subscribe to their newsletter
  • Find common ground (interests, causes, etc), and then
  • Start having a dialogue.

These tips are for every day, not just holidays or special occasions.

*rant over*




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