New cell phone? Take the time to review contacts.

With any upgrade comes an opportunity to review and re-access. With cell phone upgrades, this is often the case. If your getting of have gotten your phone upgraded recently or not, the provider asks if you would like to transfer your contacts over. However, is that all there is to it?

How important are the contacts in the phone are important to you.
A good starting point is to see which contacts you happen to use the most. Is it clients, vendors, etc?
Make sure that you have their contact info readily available.  Also,  consider having VIPs such as family and friends on speed dial.

Since I have had both the Blackberry, the iPod touch, and an iPhone, I’ve been searching for some way for them to coexist peacefully. I *finally* figured out that I could use Microsoft Outlook to manage contacts on both devices. I use the Touch to look-up while I use the Blackberry to connect. After going through the contacts I reduced my contacts from nearly 1,000 to under 500.

Besides mostly everyone on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, it’s not like if I can’t find a way to contact folks. Especially if you have the applications installed on your PDAs.






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