I was a Black Entrepreneur

I had a client in the health/wellness space whom I did some website maintenance (updates, editing, etc) work. I did such a good job, that they recommended me to one of their friends, who also needed website maintenance work done.

With this new client, I raised my rate nominally because hey, experience!

The new client asked why their rate was higher than the previous client’s one.

This was completely unprofessional, disrespectful and a form of systematic racism.

There was another instance when the first client post-poned paying me for 2 months (over 10 years ago so don’t blame COVID) and still expected me to do the work.

I’m reminded of my great-grandmother, who like many Black women, migrated to the north for a better life. She cleaned houses and a client didn’t pay her at the end of the day and still expected her to show up to work the next day.

In hindsight, I should have walked away. However since I wanted to increase the number I had on retainer, I begrudgingly took them at the same rate.

Eventually, I let them both go because the volume of work they were asking for was not equal to the rate. Also, their energy was not healthy for me in the long run. #blackouttuesday #ShopBlack #ShopBlackBusinesses #BlackEntrepreneur