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  • Snowed In? 7 things you can do while you wait it out.

    In case you missed it, most of the New England area of the U.S. was slammed with snow. So much snow, that “Juno” pretty much brought everything to a halt. What to do when you are stuck indoors due to Mother Nature? I have some suggestions. 1. Now you have an extra day (or two)…

  • Save Money when Shopping Online by doing a few things

    Learn what you can do to save money the next time you shop online.

  • NYTimes: Making Financial Literacy Part of the College Canon

    From The New York Times: YOUR MONEY: Making Financial Literacy Part of the College Canon College students often enter the real world with little knowledge of financial basics. Champlain College is trying to correct that. Sent from my iPad Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Everyone can’t come to the store to save money

    Can someone tell me why they have an “in ad” coupon to save, with a web address in the ad? Not everyone can come into the store to save. Give folks a reason to visit the website like a coupon code or a unique url. Sent from my PDA

  • Old School 1, Apple 0 – Apple lets Woman Pay for iPad with Cash You know you’ve done a good job training your elder when they spot a technology story. A California woman saved her hard earn money for an iPad, went to Apple, but was denied. Read more about how it turned out. Apple reverses its no-cash payment policy for iPads.

  • College students and Credit Cards

    When I first arrived on the college campus  as a student back in the last century, I got my first credit card before I was able to vote. I was with a fellow student (oh, the peer pressure)  questioned the representative  asking how I could of possibility qualified when I didn’t reach my 18th birthday…

  • Moving bank accounts from one bank to another

    I started my taxes to discover that both my business and checking banking accounts were taking monthly fees from me. That’s when I decided to change banks. Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way so that this can help others when moving bank accounts:

  • The client’s check bounced!

    The lesson here, go with your gut. This client bugged me while I was mourning the loss of my mother, I gave money back to them earlier because I haven’t done any work. I finally do some work, get a check, and it bounces costing me fees, headaches and aggravation. That’s right, the client’s check…