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  • There are no words.

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  • Comcast Announces $10 Web Access For Low-Income Families : The Two-Way : NPR #140edu

    via How timely. We were discussing this last week at #140edu about how cost is contributing to the digital divide. Hopefully this will help narrow the gap. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Help-Wanted Ads Exclude the Long-Term Jobless

    via Being jobless may no longer be a barrier for application to jobs. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Nine Ways Americans Are Cutting Back To Save Money: Harris Interactive – Huffington Post

    via Even though according to some sources there are signs of the economy picking up. However, Americans are still cutting back to make ends meet. See what folks are cutting back on to save money.

  • Website to Nowhere – The Wall Street Journal.

    When’s the next train to Trenton? For some, that information became nearly impossible to find Thursday and Friday after a glitch disabled New Jersey Transit’s website. Read more.. Website to Nowhere Sent from my iPad

  • Making the case for Social Media Education

    Over a year ago, I gave a talk to local high school students about my career. The conversation eventually turned to social media. 10 months ago, I wrote this post, Should Social Media be a separate college course? Just like there are training wheels, driving lessons and hygiene class, there should be a course on…

  • Grieving on the college campus

    Autumn on a college campus typically means students, faculty and staff  finally getting back in gear from  summer recess.  In recent years, getting back into the swing of things has taken on a new meaning. Now more than ever, colleges  and universities  have been under strain especially from current events. When stories come out in…

  • Commmunity Colleges are the Foundation for Success This was what  Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said when she delivered  the commencement address at Hostos Community College yesterday. In addition to her collegiate duties, she also had a Bronx Housing Project, Bronxdale Houses renamed after her and attended a ceremony at her high school. As a former New York  City Project Kid…

  • Colleges, a Ballpark and a Country, what’s next for the iPad Ban?

    Disclosure: I am a Yankees fan. Unless you haven’t been paying attention, we have been focusing on where the iPad is allowed on campus over the past few weeks. However, there are some places where the iPad isn’t allowed like some colleges and universities and Yankee Stadium (why you anyone want to carry it to…

  • College, Inc on PBS

    This past week has been a pretty busy week in the world of Higher Education. College, Inc. aired on PBS on May 4th. What do you think the future holds for colleges? When you have the chance view the view and let us know what you think.