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  • After the storm: Weekend Viewing

    Since it looks like that some folks will not be able to make it to work, here are some videos that should help motivate. Look on the bright side. Next weekend is Labor Day weekend : )       <p>Tips for Starting Your Own Business from dooce on Vimeo.</p>    

  • Health Benefits of Having Pets in Your Home Office

    via I know too well about the benefits of having extra help in the office. You never know when or how pets may help you with your business.

  • … Some Clients Just Aren’t Worth It

    I was reading my feeds and one of my clients below summed it up perfectly. Not to mention how it fits so nicely with my cleaning binge. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses rather than remain in an uncomfortable situation. Sent to you via Google Reader Getting Divorced Or How I Learned That Some…

  • Joan Rivers’ “Piece of Work” talks about having an empty schedule

    Instead of doing a video this weekend, I decided to post about Joan Rivers’ new movie, Piece of Work. At least I can can relate when you don’t know where your next gig is coming from to when the calendar is going to be full again and dealing with grief all at the same time.

  • Freelancing Survival Skills Gina Trapani wrote an article for Fast Company titled “Work Smart: Freelance Survival Skills“. This is not only good advice for rookies, but also a mindful reminder for veterans.

  • Why have a corded phone nearby?

    “Just another manic Monday”, I told myself as I woke up and getting got my coffee. I noticed my cordless phone that said “Connecting…” meaning that it could not find the signal. “Great, just what I need with a conference call at High Noon!”  What was I going to do? I then called my father,…

  • Freelancing while sick

    Sunday night/ Monday morning, I had an asthma attack. Being a city kid, this is nothing new. However in my adult years, this particular attack was brought on by stress of getting everything done before the holidays, another death in the family and not to mention the roller coaster of temperatures in the Northeast. Getting…

  • What to do when blog contributors leave?

    If you have a blog whether corporate, non-profit, or none of the above, and more than one person contributes to it, its inevitable that they leave for one reason or another.

  • Don’t lose your business when you lose your voice

    As Google stated, the flu going around. Here in Gotham (NYC) there has been many variations of the cold. My version is the sore throat that made my voice disappear. In addition to following my own advice from watching videos online and jotting down my ideas, I decided that this was a good time to…

  • Recommended Reading – Creative Freelancer Conference

    I recently came back from the Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago. Since it is still the season for Recommended Reading list, I thought I would compile a list of books mentioned during the conference. The Designer’s Guide To Marketing And Pricing: How To Win Clients And What To Charge Them by Ilise Benun and Peleg…