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  • My 3 words from “What Matters Now”

    Seth Godin recently released an free ebook, “What Matters Now.” All around the Web, people are taking away 3 words from the ebook that resonate with them. What are my 3 words? Confidence Change Leap Read the ebook and let us know,what are your 3 words?

  • Book Review: Stop Pushing Me Around

    Disclosure: I have known Ilise Benun professionally since 2004 when she spoke at the WorldWIT (Women in Technology) Camp. We have also worked together on a project or two. Here we are, my first blog post of 2010. Since I had *some* time over the holiday break to read (on the Amazon Kindle for iPod…

  • Johnny Bunko

    I can’t take full credit for this post. I was reminded of The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need by Daniel H. Pink, through a fellow college graduate and sorority sister who recently finished reading the book. Johnny is stuck in a rut and throughout this book, he learns how…

  • On the other hand..

    You got to appreciate the irony in this.  In the last post, we talked about how a college was requiring students to have iPods. Now, a Japanese University is giving them away.

  • Memorial Day Holiday Weekend Reading

    Unfortunately, I will not be going out of town due to circumstances beyond my control. Also with the possibility of being trapped by local transit, I thought this would be a good time to catch up on the books that I’ve acquired during conferences so far this year. Here are some of them in no…

  • The required hardware list

    Never mind the required reading list as in textbooks, try the required hardware list. Unplugged reports that some students are required, (with a capital R) to buy either an iPod or an iPhone. Of course, to be fair to non-Apple users, it would be nice to have audio and video in formats outside of iTunes…

  • Guess who wants to be the Campus Textbook Store

      Amazon is now in the College Textbook arena. The online retailer has entered the rink by promoting discounts on college texts. Learn more by visiting the Amazon Website. Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon.

  • The Declining Literacy Rate of the American Mall

    Are bookstores going extinct? It sure seems so lately. I took Grandma to the mall the other day for a long overdue excursion. One of the items on my list was to buy a particular book. Sure I could have of ordered it online, but since I was going to the mall anyway, I figured…

  • Counting Calories behind Home Plate

    Went to a Brooklyn Cyclones game in Coney Island. Perusing the concession stands, they had listed the menu item, the price and the calorie count. This would make most people run back to Manhattan for a salad. However, for this Brooklyn Girl at heart, the calorie count did not sway me, maybe because its been…

  • What am I reading?

    Since things are still hectic from the holidays, I decided to let you see my digg list. These posts have struck a cord with me in one way or another. It features my favorite posts of 2007 and then some. Cheers