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  • Planning Summer Breaks With Eye on College Essays –

    via If you think studying abroad is just for college students, think again. Learn what these high school students did and how it will help them with their college applications. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • How A 21-Year-Old Design Student’s Sleeping-Bag Coat Could Break The Cycle Of Homelessness | Fast Company

    via How a student saw a need in the community and created a non-profit. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • 6 Money Lessons for My College-Aged Daughter | zen habits

    6 Money Lessons for My College-Aged Daughter Post written by Leo Babauta. My daughter Chloe is starting out in college in the fall, and with her newfound independence will come the newfound responsibilities of dealing with money. Like many young people, she hates thinking about finances. via Zen Habits gives smart money tips not…

  • How students are using Evernote

    I have raved about how Evernote helped me with my storage challenges. Now, I am also using it for my business as well as for almost everything else.  On the Evernote Blogcast, a teacher discusses how she uses in the classroom. A student also talks about her experience. Read more… How my students started using…

  • NYTimes: Cheaters Find an Adversary in Technology

    From The New York Times: Cheaters Find an Adversary in Technology As tests become increasingly important in education, business has been good for Caveon, a company that uses “data forensics” to catch cheaters. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Making the case for Social Media Education

    Over a year ago, I gave a talk to local high school students about my career. The conversation eventually turned to social media. 10 months ago, I wrote this post, Should Social Media be a separate college course? Just like there are training wheels, driving lessons and hygiene class, there should be a course on…

  • Dorms Come to Baruch College in New York City

    Dorms recently opened for Baurch College students. Capacity is currently serving  less than 1% of students, but the college does plan to expand. The campus is still mostly commuter based. Read more. First-Ever Dorms open at Baruch College. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • The Huffington Post covers Plagiarism

    I have spoken about my experiences as an adjunct professor regarding plagiarism.  Recently, the Huffington Post wrote a post  – More Students Misunderstand The Fundamentals Of Plagiarism. Colleges and Professors need to know that their students can form their own opinions and plagiarism is a dissolution of any original thought. Hopefully, with the new school…

  • Want to attract star students? Help them find a purpose.

    A valedictorian recently gave a speech at her graduation. Instead of it being a day of accomplishment, it became a day of dissension. If prospective students feel this way about education, how does higher education expect these students to move on to higher education?

  • How Long Can You Go Without Your Gadgets?

    No Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, e-mail, iPods, or cell phones. That’s what one professor told her students to give up for five days. Could they do it? University of Minnesota professor Heather LaMarre was certainly pulling for them. Read more …Prof’s assignment: Dump tech gadgets for 5 days.