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  • US Professor Earns Knighthood From France After Encouraging Students To Tweet In French – AllTwitter

    A professor from the University of South Carolina who encouraged her students to use Twitter in their French class will be receiving an honorary knighthood from the French government. Dr. Lara Lomicka Anderson, associate professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at USC, will be awarded the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques (Order…

  • Can I still become a professor?

    Thinking about a career in college. Read how you may you may have to think like a non-academic. Can I still become a professor? Source: I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked — I would go to grad school, but where would I teach?   Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • NYT: Rift in Arizona as Latino Class Is Found Illegal

    The state declared the Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican-American program illegal, even while similar programs for black, Asian and American Indian students were left untouched. Read more… Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • NYTimes: Cheaters Find an Adversary in Technology

    From The New York Times: Cheaters Find an Adversary in Technology As tests become increasingly important in education, business has been good for Caveon, a company that uses “data forensics” to catch cheaters. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Mobile Apps Developments on Campus

    I find the timing of this ironic since I just caught up with my HigherEdLive viewing in time for tonight’s show. The topic was The State of Mobile in Higher Ed. Scobleizer is the parent of a student who is currently looking at colleges. Like any parent in this phase, he has concerns about the…

  • The Huffington Post covers Plagiarism

    I have spoken about my experiences as an adjunct professor regarding plagiarism.  Recently, the Huffington Post wrote a post  – More Students Misunderstand The Fundamentals Of Plagiarism. Colleges and Professors need to know that their students can form their own opinions and plagiarism is a dissolution of any original thought. Hopefully, with the new school…

  • From Soap Star to College Professor Before we talked about what paths people take to the college classroom. Now we add another to the list of celebrity turned professor.

  • How Long Can You Go Without Your Gadgets?

    No Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, e-mail, iPods, or cell phones. That’s what one professor told her students to give up for five days. Could they do it? University of Minnesota professor Heather LaMarre was certainly pulling for them. Read more …Prof’s assignment: Dump tech gadgets for 5 days.

  • Should Social Media be a separate college course?

    Over the weekend, I stumbled upon this post: 5 Things I Would Tell a Social Media Professor. Being that I did teach two marketing courses as an adjunct professor, the logical choice would be to include it as part of an internet marketing course or a general marketing course. One could also argue that its…

  • Reflections on Hybird Teaching

    I saw edustir’s recent post about teaching and it had me thinking. Granted, I haven’t taught in nearly 4 years. However, I wonder just how easy it would be for me to get  back into it. Would it be like riding a bike? They say you never forget how to ride a bike. The students…