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  • Meta Elevate Scholarship Recipient

    I have received a Meta Elevate Scholarship to take the Meta (Facebook) Digital Marketing Associate Exam. Cost is all too often a prohibitor to Black creators and innovators. I am so humbled to be extended this opportunity to take my skill set to the next level.

  • How to switch from an Amazon aStore to a website

    Did you hear the news? Amazon is pulling pulled the plug on it’s aStores as of October 2017. Amazon affiliates are wondering what the next step is for their aStore(s) and if it’s worth it to explore switching from having an aStore to a website.   Here are a couple of things you can do to convert your aStore…

  • The iPad is Making its Way to Campus

    OK, so I am eating up my words. According to Search Engine Watch, the iPad is making its way to campus. “This is a test. Each student enrolling in a new Mini-MBA: Digital Marketing Executive Certificate Program this summer at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, will receive an Apple iPad tablet. This is…

  • Would you pay to have an internship?

    According to the Chicago Tribune, students paid upward of $5000 and up, just to be placed as an unpaid intern at some of the most sought after companies. Read more about it. College students pay to work at unpaid internships.

  • Should Social Media be a separate college course?

    Over the weekend, I stumbled upon this post: 5 Things I Would Tell a Social Media Professor. Being that I did teach two marketing courses as an adjunct professor, the logical choice would be to include it as part of an internet marketing course or a general marketing course. One could also argue that its…

  • Reflections on Hybird Teaching

    I saw edustir’s recent post about teaching and it had me thinking. Granted, I haven’t taught in nearly 4 years. However, I wonder just how easy it would be for me to get  back into it. Would it be like riding a bike? They say you never forget how to ride a bike. The students…

  • 12 Favorite Tweets from EduWeb 2009

    This is the second year that I’ve attended the EduWeb Conference. This year, there were more sessions that I wish I could of attended but couldn’t because some of them happened at the same time. Fortunately, thanks to to the resources of Twitter, I was able to view what was going on, even though I…

  • Wild Women Entrepreneurs hosts “Establish Yourself as an Online Expert” Teleseminar

    I will be giving a teleseminar titled ” Establish Yourself as an Online Expert” with Wild Women Entrepreneurs on June 19th. For more information and to register visit

  • eComXpo starts today – Marketers Should also be Customers

    Why Marketers Should Be Customers View more presentations from nextSTEPH.

  • Back in the classroom

    The virtual classroom that is. Check out my new e-Bootcamp Class with Wild Women Entrepreneurs entitled “Post your Products and Services in the Search Engines.