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  • Didn’t take the day off today?

    For some, today was an extra day of rest. For others, they had to go to work. Even though one may not be able to take a holiday outside the norm, there are ways to vacate. From time to time, there a moments when a break is needed. This article discusses several ways to take…

  • Huffington Post: Apple Debuts New iPad Ad

    Apple Debuts New iPad Ad On Wednesday, Apple debuted its new iPad advertisement, part of the “iPad Is” series of ads, on the company’s YouTube channel. This latest installment bears… Sent from my iPad

  • NYTimes: Georgia Facing a Hard Choice on Free Tuition

    From The New York Times: Georgia Facing a Hard Choice on Free Tuition The state’s scholarship program, which promises free college tuition to students with a B-average, is facing cuts. Sent from my iPad Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Article: Doctoral degrees: The disposable academic

    As you know, I have been on the fence for years whether or not if I should pursue a doctorate degree. One of my friends posted this on Facebook and I’m wondering if it’s worth it. Doctoral degrees: The disposable academic (Sent from Flipboard) Sent from my iPad Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Delaying College to Fill in the Gaps – The Wall Street Journal.

    Some students are deciding that college can wait.  Is the “Gap Year” taking traction here in the US? Delaying College to Fill in the Gaps Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Grateful Tweets to be #thankful for

    A couple of months ago, I expressed thanks to my subscribers and followers. After all, why do we have to wait to express thanks to each other? To stay in the spirit, I favored some tweets that have helped me get through the day over the past few months. RT @rachelreuben: Grant me the serenity…

  • First 10 of 2010: Too Long to Re-Tweet

    Welcome to the first too long to re-tweet of 2010. We hope you had a happy break. I know its early Wednesday morning on the east coast, but its still Tuesday for most of the USA. Since that’s straight, lets get started. RT @penelopetrunk: I love my gmail drafts folder cause it shows a glimmer…

  • A Day Late and a Dollar Short for Too Long to Re-Tweet

    As usual, work has suddenly become busy and everyone wants everything done yesterday (including my grandmother.) I had to go “hide” in a coffee shop in an undisclosed location to get this out. So enjoy. RT @tishgrier: If you see or know a female vet, thank her for her sacrifice: becz there’s prob no…

  • Time again for Too Long to Re-Tweet Tuesday

    Where does the time go? This week went by quickly. Just in case you don’t know , its that time again. So lets get started: RT @chrisgarrett: You know when you are doing something right when customers demand your products when you are not quite ready to sell them 🙂 RT @skydiver: No matter how…

  • Hello from EduWeb 2009 in Chicago

    I am here in Chicago for the EduWeb Conference here in Chicago. I will write a summary post when all is said and done, bit in the meantime you can follow me at @nextsteph.