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  • Aisha Tyler, Girl Got Geek Cred!

    via I have been following Aisha Tyler throughout her TV career. I recently listened to the Nerdist podcast (Warning: Language) and had gain more respect for her in part to her web design experience. She also has launched her own podcast. Aisha sports two, yes 2 mobile devices, 2 iPhones, one for games and…

  • Form Matters: D.O.B. Denial

    Welcome to another episode of  “Form Matters”  where I go and come across forms and evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly. For a refresher, please refer to my first form critique exactly a year ago to the day… spooky. Today, I received an email from someone in my network asking me to join…

  • Why webmasters need the URL address when making edits

    Its inevitable.  There needs to be an edit made on a website. Maybe its your website. You contact your webmaster and say, please edit this on the “services” page. This is all good if you have a webmaster that only works on one website, but in this day and age people work on multiple websites,…

  • Back to School Lesson – Don’t Make Me Think

    It is back to school time. Regardless of what stage of education you completed or are at, there are always core lessons that need to be revisited, especially when it comes to one’s website. Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition does this eloquently by telling it like it…

  • A retailer joins the “Browser Bar” wars

    Its enough that websites are asking you to visit them. The “Browser Bar” war (the battle for space on your web browser) has been brewing for over 3 years. Lately, it is not enough to have (insert your browser here) install a default browser bar with carefully selected links. Recently the search engines have gotten…

  • My New Photo makes the cut

    My new phenomenal photographer and client informed me that I made the cut on his headshots page. You can take a peek at it, as well as other headshots and fashion shots he has done at

  • nextSTEPH launches MySpace page design service

    nextSTEPH has launched a MySpace page design service that enables people to enhance their MySpace pages to the look and feel of their websites. Take a look at the MySpace pages created by nextSTEPH at

  • Mommy, Inc. makes an impact on the business of motherhood

    The Mommy, Inc. blog launches. The owner of the blog Shannon Cherry, serves on the Wild Women Entrepreneurs board with me.

  • Domains, Shopping Carts, and more at nextSTEPH

    Customers who now visit the nextSTEPH website now have direct access to purchase products and services such as domain names, e-commerce solutions, shopping carts and more. The products are now available by going to or by clicking on the “domains and more” link on the services page.

  • WildWE Business Blog Gets a Facelift and a Newsletter Archive

    The Wild Women Entrepreneurs Business Gone Wild Blog gets a face-lift. I had also applied the same template to the newly created Newsletter Archive at