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Is your website or blog hosted on a free platform?

Let’s face it. Stuff happens. You start off with a free blog service. You then get web hosting and decide that you want to move your site to your new shared hosted domain. Or, you are already using a shared hosting platform and you decided that you have outgrown it for one reason or another.

If so, what would you do if your blog and/or website was suddenly gone?

Is your website at risk?

One does not have to look far for instances in the news of websites and data being compromised, or worse vanishing.

Wouldn’t you feel better if you were in control of your data? Wouldn’t you feel better if you know where your data was and if it was regularly backed up?

What I’ve got for you


With a self-hosted WordPress powered website, you are in control of the look, feel and data on your site.

From now until Labor Day, nextSTEPH is having a moving sale!

Move your blog or website to a self-hosted WordPress account and get 10% off the setup fee.

What’s Included:

  • Installation of WordPress.org software on your own domain and your own web hosting*
  • Installation of a default WordPress Theme from the WordPress Theme respository or buy your own Premium Theme license.
  • 1/2 hour online training on your new WordPress site
  • Need more options? View other WordPress Installation Packages.

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The Film Panel Notetaker on Blogger
The Film Panel Notetaker on Blogger

The Film Panel Notetaker on WordPress
The Film Panel Notetaker on WordPress


“I’ve known Stephanie since 2002 when she was a T.A. (teaching assistant) in my Web Design course at Metropolitan College of New York. Her help back then foreshadowed a promising career to come. Last year, Stephanie was an integral part of a panel discussion I moderated at MCNY (Metropolitan College of New York) on Networking in the Media. I’ve seen the exceptional work she’s done to help other bloggers carry out their visions that I enlisted her help to migrate my blog, The Film Panel Notetaker, from blogspot to WordPress. She took great care in listening to my needs and made everything happen with very quick turnaround.”

-Brian Geldin, The Film Panel Notetaker.

Email Support for 30 days

We will also offer 1 month of email support after the launch of your site, to help you get acquainted with you new site.

Here is what someone else has to say about their experience

The virtual community has helped me, this time to escape the land of FAQ, so that I could attend to the work that I do best while leaving the set-up of this blog/widget wonderland to Stephanie Cockerl’s this is her world.

-Adrian Miller, Adrian Miller Sales Training

Still unsure?

Making a decision to make a move is never easy regardless if its moving a household or a website. Maybe you have some questions like:

  • Maybe your are comfortable with your platform of choice, or you have more than one contributor to your website. Is training available?
  • Will folks still be able to find my website?
  • How can I be sure that certain pages/ sections are not missing?
  • Can we contact you after the site is up?
  • How much does it cost?

We have over a decade of experience with search and we will make sure that the necessary steps be put in place before the move is complete. We take the time to do a through quality check before we present the new site to you.

You can contact us for 30 days after the site is launched. This is to make sure that everything is operating as it sure as well as to shore up anything that was missing during the process.

The cost can be seen after you click the “BUY NOW” button. Since this offer is for a limited time, we cannot reveal the cost on this page.


…When we started, I was a complete novice and Stephanie was patient, engaging and took the time to make sure I was comfortable managing the site on my own. She took input very well, and made the work better with her thoughtful recommendations and expertise. Aside from building great sites, I consider her a business partner who translates my goals into Web reality. I’ve recommended Stephanie to a number of associates and will continue to do so.”
– Stephanie Fierman, Marketing Mojo LLC

Are you ready to set yourself free?

Click on the BUY NOW button to put you and your website at ease.

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If you need a blog (everyone does) step up to NextSteph!
I wanted a blog that looked like my website so I sent Stephanie an HTML template and asked her to turn it into a blog! She did exactly what I wanted quickly and efficiently. It was a pleasure to work with her as she provided extra help in answering general questions serving as a teacher as well as a coder. She gets my A1 recommendation.
– Gail Cramer The Goof Proof Blog

So what are you waiting for? Take your website to the next step and take charge of your own website.

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* Prospective client is responsible for obtaining domain and web hosting . Recommended services for domain and web hosting can be found here and here respectfully.