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  • Do you and/or your clients need help with Search Engine Optimization?
  • Do you need to know what to do in order to maximize your and/or your clients’ search engine presence?
  • Do you and/or your clients communicate what you/they do to the widest possible audience?
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It can be easy to get confused with the latest news regarding the search engines, but with a strong foundation, any website can increase their online visibility.


“Just when you think you know everything about how to search engine optimize your website, along comes Stephanie Cockerl. Steph’s SEO Training Course impressed me because she cuts right to the chase. No fluffy writing to comb through in search of the real SEO secrets…Steph shares what she knows in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. I’ve been search optimizing copy for years now, and she’s managed to enhance my knowledge even more. It’s just really nice to find someone who’s not afraid to expose the truth about SEO. Thanks Steph, for your terrific lessons. Well worth the money, I feel!”
– Dina Giolitto, Copywriting and Marketing

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to set up your website for search engine success no matter if your have a new site, or if your website has been around a while
  • Learn how to submit your website to the search engines
  • Bonus Resources
  • and more!

user_icon“…your instructions are very easy for me to follow.”
– Social Media Training Client


user_icon“Thanks so much for the [tips]! They’re very helpful.”

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