SEO for TypePad Blogs eCourse

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How to get your TypePad blog ready for the Search Engines

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Lately, I have been working on a handful of TypePad blogs. Some blogs needed cosmetic tweaks and others needed social media functionality. As I was doing these updates for various clients and friends, there was one issue that hasn’t gotten much attention, that of registering them for the search engines.

Sure you had set-up your blog, gotten that template just-so, (or hired someone to get it just-so) but how to get the blog visible in the search engines is another story.

This is where “SEO for TypePad Blogs” comes in.

What you’ll learn:

    • Getting a domain name and connecting it to your blog
    • Publicity settings
    • Optimizing your blog posts and pages
    • Registering your TypePad Blog with the Search Engines

and more.

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