Are you listening to your website visitors?

Are you listening your website visitors?Have you recently:

  • Redesigned your website?
  • Moved your website from one web host or platform to another?

More than likely, your website may now have:

  • Broken links
  • Broken images
  • Broken video
  • And more…

Website visitors may arrive at your website from a bookmark they have saved or a link they have clicked from another location.

website visitors are frustrated by broken linksYour website may also have links that go to an outside resource, i.e. another website. Guess what, that website may have moved or doesn’t exist anymore.

So when your visitor clicks on a link on your website, they are greeted with the dreaded “File not found” or “404 Page not found” message. Then, the website visitor won’t return.

Don’t let your website become ‘that’ website.

Don’t let a broken link on your website ruin your reputation and credibility as a resource.

After working with us, clients typically see a 2 to 5% reduction in bounce rates.

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