Paid Search Specialist

Have questions about our Paid Search Management services?

nextSTEPH has been providing paid search and pay-per-click services for over a decade to educational institutions, healthcare professionals, and marketing agencies and have brought these services back to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC.

nextSTEPH has a record of discovering opportunities for improvement in Paid Search campaigns and executing them for positive impact.

Each Paid Search Package includes:

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page identification and optimization
  • and more.

Additional services includes:

  • Global, national, regional, or local targeting of ads;
  • Optimization of current search engine marketing advertising
  • Ongoing Support available, no matter where you are at in your paid search Campaigns.

For more information about paid search, Pay Per Click (PPC), and other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, please contact us.