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  • Using WordPress.com for your business blog? Think again.

    Using WordPress.com for your business blog? Think again.

    Are you using a ‘WordPress.com’ site for your business blog? Or in other words, is your blog’s web address, http://something.wordpress.com? You might want to re-think that. If you have been writing for a while (over a year), you may not have the SEO (search engine optimization) credit that your site deserves. You can only have…

  • Rock the Blog Vote Today

      If you are in the US, we hope that you have done or are planning to do your civic duty today.  After your done, vote for something much easier, Rock the blog vote on your favorite blog platform.   Click here to Vote For Your Platform.

  • Is it time to Move Your Blog?

    Are you wondering if its time to move your blog? Brian Geldin of The Film Panel Notetaker heard the alarm go off when Blogger decided to end its FTP options for users several months ago.  Learn what decision Brian made to move his blog and take his site to the next step.

  • Have a blog on Blogger using FTP? Time to weigh your options.

    Disclosure: I am a TypePad affiliate. If you have a blog on Blogger and are FTPing to your own web host, your days are numbered. Blogger announced that it will end its FTP support soon. Blogger states that they introduced custom domain support 3 years ago. This is similar to the domain mapping that TypePad…

  • How to sew the pieces back together after a Blog migration or consolidation

      In a previous post, I talked about consolidating back my blog posts on my newer site back to my old reliable one. I did manage to get all the blog posts back, but what happens after the fact when it concerns your visitors. Turns out you are not done, but if you think about it, you…

  • Tap into your tag cloud to figure out your next blog, (product or project)

    That’s how this blog Custom Branded Blogs came to be. I have been actively blogging on my other this blog for over 6 years (time does fly), so it was time for the blogging category to leave the nest evolve into its own project. Most people would not feel comfortable letting their 6 year old…

  • How I describe “reading feeds” to my Grandma.

    An online newspaper where I get to pick what writers I want to hear from , the stories I want to read and in the format I want to see them.

  • Don’t start a blog unless you can be committed to it.

    I received an email from a freelance project service. I went to the website to find that most of the projects calling for blog work wanted someone that not only build the blog, but can also write for the blog as well. Most people don’t understand what they are getting into when they are starting…

  • SEO through Blogs and Feeds

    If you are a small business and you don’t have a blog a weblog, you could be missing out on some significant organic /natural search engine visibility and traffic. To find out how to start blogging and how to publicize it, tune in to SmallBizTechnology.com.