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  • Dorms Come to Baruch College in New York City

    Dorms recently opened for Baurch College students. Capacity is currently serving  less than 1% of students, but the college does plan to expand. The campus is still mostly commuter based. Read more. First-Ever Dorms open at Baruch College. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Do you use a laptop while you’re communting?

    I was coming back from a client  last week and I saw quite a few laptops on the train. Typically my commute is less than an hour, so its not worth it  for me to whip out the laptop, because as soon as I take it out, its time to get off the train. It…

  • Have a unique name for your Wireless Network?

    For a road warrior (more commuting warrior) like myself, I switch wireless networks as often as I switch clothes. Once I manually login to a network, I don’t want to manually login again if I can help it. Of course, it gets complicated and confusing when a network has the same name as another network.…