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  • Where did your commencement ceremonies take place?

    Some schools are still wrapping up or recovering from commencement. Recently, I attended a graduation ceremony in a convention center. It got me thinking back about where my collegiate ceremonies took place. [/caption]My commencement ceremonies took place on a football field, an auditorium and in churches (yes, plural). So tell me, did your commencement ceremonies…

  • Best Regards Cards recognizes the work of nextSTEPH

    Susan Verni of BestRegardsCards.com recognized my design contribution to her website in the November/December 2005 Cornell Alumni Magazine profile entitled “Photographic Memory.”

  • Cornell Inaguration Ceremony

    I participated in the Inaguration Ceremony Procession of Jeffrey Lehman, Cornell Alumni, Class of ’77 as the 11th President of Cornell University. I represented the Alumni of The College of Architecture, Art and Planning.

  • Props and Praise

    I was featured in the “Props and Praise” section of the February 2003 Issue of “THE LEAGUE DIGEST” a Newsletter for Ivy-League African American Alumni.