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  • The Long and Winding Road to a PhD

    Via: Online PhD Programs @anniecolbert

  • NYTimes: Making Financial Literacy Part of the College Canon

    From The New York Times: YOUR MONEY: Making Financial Literacy Part of the College Canon College students often enter the real world with little knowledge of financial basics. Champlain College is trying to correct that. http://nyti.ms/eWe8CZ Sent from my iPad Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Mini MBA focuses on Social Media

    Picking up from the previous blog post, one institution is making the business case for social media. Rutgers is offering a Mini MBA Program that is focused on social media. The program results in a certificate, however, I am curious to see how social media is being taught in business degree programs. More information about…

  • Using Blogs as an Educational Tool

    A few days ago, I talked to a former colleague who is currently enrolled in a doctorate program. She told me as part of her requirements, that she would  have to maintain a blog. This propelled me back to when I was teaching and I made my undergrad students maintain blogs. Before one makes their…