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  • Talk Show Tackles Online Reputation Management

    This morning, Rachael Ray of the Rachel Ray Show discussed online reputation management. ” Being aware of your online reputation is just as important as monitoring your credit report score” stated Regina Lewis of AOL. The segment titled, Preventing Cyber-Slander, provides tips on what you can to manage your online reputation.

  • Blogging and Health Concerns

    Unless you have been under a rock, there has been a lot of talk about how blogging can be linked to stress and worse, death due to the NYT article posted over the weekend. I am posting to voice my opinion and to ease concerns about this to clients and colleagues.

  • Moving bank accounts from one bank to another

    I started my taxes to discover that both my business and checking banking accounts were taking monthly fees from me. That’s when I decided to change banks. Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way so that this can help others when moving bank accounts:

  • Digital Coaching steps up to the plate

    After helping family and friends with their digital and technology conundrums for nearly all my life, I finally found a way to weave all my “jane of-all-trades” technology interests. I am now offering my digital coaching services to the general public.

  • How to accept Credit Card Payments with PayPal

    This edition of Ask nextSTEPH covers accepting credit card payments online. A client of mine asked: I have a client who wants to pay for a service with American Express. I have a PayPal account. Can you tell me what to do to take credit cards?

  • Transferring Contacts from a PC to a Mac

    My very first client for BeaOrganized (the organization part of my business, who is not a family member) several months ago wanted their address contacts to be transferred from their Windows PC (I am not going to say what version to protect them) to their Mac OS 9 system. The solution: Since the PC did…

  • How I describe “reading feeds” to my Grandma.

    An online newspaper where I get to pick what writers I want to hear from , the stories I want to read and in the format I want to see them.

  • What’s my online status?

    This has been the question that people have asked me the most over the past several weeks. The truth is I don’t know. My mood has changed as quickly as the temperature due to circumstances beyond my control. However, the more pressing question has been where do I post my status? I have been Twittering…

  • Computers, Web Hosting and Blogging Operating Systems

    The following question was submitted by a reader from Squidoo. I’m looking for web hosting to set-up a WordPress blog. My desktop system is in Windows and WordPress requires Linux. Does the web hosting operating system need to be the same as my computer desktop operating system?

  • Blogging is a Journey, not necessarily a destination

    Lately, when I’ve set-up (as in design and program) blogs for clients and colleagues, I am often asked, “What do I write about?” Being that this is a new year (Happy New Year!) I have decided to dwell upon my process of how and where I come up with ideas of what to write on…