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  • Email Subscribers are getting “NO RESPECT!”

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Some of that reading in this day and age includes emails. I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend among marketers in the way they address their email subscribers. Simply put, email subscribers are getting no respect. via GIPHY Email subscribers are not being addressed with respect.  In an email a certain…

  • Fall in Love with your Fans again

    Fall in Love with your Fans again

    Remember when someone would take the time to send a handwritten note? What about an email over 10 years ago? That meant a lot. If you haven’t connected with your clients, customers and subscribers in a while, now is as good of time as any. 

  • Retailers Go Green: Ditching Paper And Emailing Receipts

    via huffingtonpost.com This isn’t anything new, Apple’s been doing this for a while. Are other businesses going to follow suit?  

  • The history of email on its 40th anniversary [infographic] – Holy Kaw!

    via holykaw.alltop.com The History of Email from A to Z and then some.

  • I Guess I’m “Old Fashioned”

      A month or so ago, I asked my friend why someone would use their cell phone to write an announcement to a mailing list. Now I know why. Its like how I feel about sending a bill though the post office when I can send it online. Even though I’m a gadget fan, I…

  • Gmail goes Droid

    I have a gmail account on random, just to keep up with what themes are in the till. Looks like Gmail gave a hat tip to the Android platform. You can find it under “Settings, then Themes, then Android.” Now, we are waiting for an Apple based theme. Anyone?

  • Give people options about how they receive their email

    As I stated a couple of days ago, I am in the process of re-evaluating my email relationships. While I was going through my inbox I noticed that there were some places I wanted to keep,  and others I wanted to change the email address to deliver to. Most places simply ask you “Text” or…

  • Evaluating my email relationships

    Now that things are quiet on Thanksgiving Eve, I did something that I rarely had the chance to do, go through my email accounts. They say that its good practice to keep a separate account for purchases. Therefore I went through said account and did some soul searching. Last week was National Unfriend Day, so…

  • Annoyed when your computer’s default email program opens?

    Whenever I work on sites, I recommend, no insist that they install a contact form instead of having a link to a email address.  After all, what are the chances that the user is actually working on a computer that they own? However, for the sites that do have links to email addresses and if…