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  • Business Gifting Gone Wrong?

    Are you scaring away prospects with your business gifts? Getting a prospective clients attention is getting more challenging every day. There are no guarantees that they will pick up when you call, or reply to your email. Mailing a postcard or a letter via the postal service may get a look for a few seconds…

  • Huffington Post: The BEST Gifts For College Students

    The BEST Gifts For College Students Wondering what to get the college students in your life? This year, get them something they actually want — and might actually use. Below, check… Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Gift Giving Ideas for Cash-Strapped Freelancers

    Its no fun being a freelancer during the holidays, especially when cash flow is not as optimal as one would like. Instead of fretting about what to get clients and associates for the holidays, here are some ideas that could take you far.

  • Using a registry to get holiday gifts

    On Good Morning America this morning, on a new segment the have called “The Breakfast Club”, they discussed should people use registries instead of just giving. One of the women said that it was tacky to look at someone’s list and then get the gift. “The spirit of the giving would be compromised.” I said…