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  • Grad Commencement 2011: What’s All This Talk About Failure? | BlogHer

    via blogher.com Positive reflections on failure from notable commencement addresses this graduation season. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Where did your commencement ceremonies take place?

    Some schools are still wrapping up or recovering from commencement. Recently, I attended a graduation ceremony in a convention center. It got me thinking back about where my collegiate ceremonies took place. [/caption]My commencement ceremonies took place on a football field, an auditorium and in churches (yes, plural). So tell me, did your commencement ceremonies…

  • Commencement, Graduation or both?

    Even though I have been a professional in Higher Education for some time now, it is always good to step out of my routine and see how other institutions do things. On a trip last summer, I has honored to see one of my good friends receive their degree. The ceremony on that campus was…