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  • How to Re-Discover Your Website

      Some folks have today (Columbus Day in the US, Canadian Thanksgiving) off. Others are on the job. Regardless of where you are, if you have a moment, take the time to learn where your website visitors are coming from. Why wait until the end of the month? Here’s a list of places you can…

  • Help! I created a monster.

    Help! I created a monster. Guess where ‘Someone’ wants me to go and wants me to do once I get there. I’m so close to taking away the DTV box & telling her to go listen to the radio.

  • Kelly lectures Regis about the How To’s of Tweeting

    http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/1691028013 The nextSTEPH COO, (also know as Grandma) spotted this clip on TV the other day and she thought it would be of interest to folks. The specific clip starts at the 9:43 minute mark.

  • Are you willing to go to a no contract phone plan? (via @stephfierman)

    According to MediaPost, 20% or 1 in 5 are planning to go to a no contract plan. Personally, this was not surprising as I recently downgraded my family plan to an individual plan and spun off Grandma on a no-contract plan. I wish I could do the same myself and have a phone, just for…

  • Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 Review

    Given everything that has happened in the last 48 hours and since my internet access to my cable provider is down, this seems as good as time as any to finally do a review on the Virgin MiFi 2200 card. I was on the MiFi predessor, the USB drive before switching over to the MiFi.…

  • Vivitar turns being “Old School” into Marketing Lemonade (via @aots)

    I saw this commercial on Attack of the Show this morning from my DVR. Vivitar, the camera company decided to market its 35mm camera and spin in as an advantage targeting the older market who yearns for when life was much easier and all one had to do was drop off the film. As for…

  • Facebook coverage by Grandma

    http://abcnews.go.com/assets/player/walt2.6/flash/SFP_Walt.swf Since Gram doesn’t get the newspaper often anymore, she is glued to the TV. She caught this interview of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook by Diane Sawyer at ABC World News Tonight. Grandma said that she understands better now about Facebook than before the interview. Gram also pointed out that Zuckerberg is a college dropout.…

  • Grandmother’s Guide to Video Chat

    Even though my grandmother won’t go near a computer, maybe someone else’s relatives can benefit from using Google Video Chat. . Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • Old School 1, Apple 0 – Apple lets Woman Pay for iPad with Cash

    http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/static/flash/embeddedPlayer/swf/otvEmLoader.swf?version=&station=kgo&section=&mediaId=7451439&cdnRoot=http://cdn.abclocal.go.com&webRoot=http://abclocal.go.com&site= You know you’ve done a good job training your elder when they spot a technology story. A California woman saved her hard earn money for an iPad, went to Apple, but was denied. Read more about how it turned out. Apple reverses its no-cash payment policy for iPads.

  • My Moleskine Notebook

    Whenever I forget to do something, my grandmother always asks me “How come you didn’t write it down?!” There is something about writing it down that makes it stick to memory. However, when people think of me, they normally do not think about pen and paper. When I thought about stationery in the past, I…