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  • Alumni Ties Get Healthier

    via online.wsj.com I’m wondering what other schools have or are planning to offer coverage. Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous  

  • Grieving on the college campus

    Autumn on a college campus typically means students, faculty and staff  finally getting back in gear from  summer recess.  In recent years, getting back into the swing of things has taken on a new meaning. Now more than ever, colleges  and universities  have been under strain especially from current events. When stories come out in…

  • Life after college: A letter to recent college graduates

    Before we start: I would like to reference my Disclosure Policy. This is solely my opinion and no one else’s.  🙂 Welcome to the second third edition of Life after College. It has come to my attention that their is a certain news article about a recent  graduate suing a college because they have not…