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  • Mini MBA focuses on Social Media

    Picking up from the previous blog post, one institution is making the business case for social media. Rutgers is offering a Mini MBA Program that is focused on social media. The program results in a certificate, however, I am curious to see how social media is being taught in business degree programs. More information about…

  • The iPad is Making its Way to Campus

    OK, so I am eating up my words. According to Search Engine Watch, the iPad is making its way to campus. “This is a test. Each student enrolling in a new Mini-MBA: Digital Marketing Executive Certificate Program this summer at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, will receive an Apple iPad tablet. This is…

  • The First Student Blog Post

    I am proud to announce that the Metropolitan College of New York’s MCNY Admissions Blog had its first student blog post. The blog is nearly 2 months old, but it has already gotten some great responses. I hope more students will become motivated to blog about their experiences with the college.