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  • Have a social media policy for when good intentions go wrong

    Think your company shouldn’t have a social media policy in place? See what happens on a “King of the Hill” clip when good intentions go all wrong. http://www.hulu.com/embed/fWC0xVQZZziLpA_yv4J5yQ

  • Admissions Officers Highlighed in NY Daily News

    In the jobs section of the New York Daily News, there is an article (link not available as of this posting) about being an admissions officer as a career. One of the surprising things the article stressed was that 1 out of 10 admissions officers look at an applicant’s social networking profile (i.e  Facebook, LinkedIn,…

  • They say its your birthday…

    As usual, every September around this time, Google changes its logo for today. Well, Its also my birthday today too! Instead of dwelling about me, (I can do that on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter), I am going to pay tribute to my name. Stay tuned.

  • How to promote your blog on free web hosting

    Recently, I was asked how to promote your blog if one has free web hosting. Some popular examples of blog hosts with free web hosting include: WordPress Blogger Yahoo 360°

  • Join in the conversation with a blog

    In the last newsletter, we talked about Social Networking Sites, such as MySpace, Facebook. In this newsletter, we will talk about one way how businesses can become part of the conversation. The easiest way for businesses to become part of the conversation is to create a blog or (weblog) A blog is an online journal…

  • The ABCs of Social Websites

    Last week, I had attended Search Engine Strategies (SES-NY) in New York City. Along with new products, services, and developments in the Search Engine Marketing, another trend is emerging and it’s getting harder to ignore, that of online social search. There are quite a few players in online social media. The most popular is that…

  • nextSTEPH launches MySpace page design service

    nextSTEPH has launched a MySpace page design service that enables people to enhance their MySpace pages to the look and feel of their websites. Take a look at the MySpace pages created by nextSTEPH at http://www.nextSTEPH.com/MySpace.