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  • Another day, another T-shirt

    I was lucky enough to win an SMX T-shirt from SMX East this week. How often does a girl get 2 shirts in one week without having to pay for them?

  • WordCamp NY recap

    I don’t get the chance to get out that often, but when I do, it’s almost always work related. Yesterday was not any different as I attended Wordcamp NY. Matt Mullenweig, the Keynote speaker spoke to the gathered about what to expect in the upcoming months regarding WordPress. He also mentions some well known names…

  • Wordcamp New York T-shirt

    Wordcamp NY today was chock full of information. More details about the event will be on the Custom Branded Blogs site.

  • Local NYC radio stations getting personal with postcards

    Not even hours after returning from the eduWeb 2008 conference, I find a postcard in my mailbox from a local New York City Metro radio station. This is what it said: “Bonus Chance to Instantly Win Visit *www.FirstName.LastName.winwithRadioStation.com Your personal instant Win Code: *********** ” If you are in the NYC Area, you probably know…

  • SEMPO-NY Local Recap Thoughts

    Last week, I went to the inaugural SEMPO-NY meetup. For more information about SEMPO, what it stands for etc. click here.