Tag: over the edge

  • Going for the reset button

    Somehow this week in particular, has been all about upgrades. Now that everyone is back to business, I’m finding out that the same tools I had during the late spring early summer  are not going to cut it anymore. Sometimes, upgrades do come with bumps in the road, and this week has been no exception.…

  • Rules to live by in 2009

    Its the second day into the new year and lessons have already started to reveal themselves.

  • Counting Calories behind Home Plate

    Went to a Brooklyn Cyclones game in Coney Island. Perusing the concession stands, they had listed the menu item, the price and the calorie count. This would make most people run back to Manhattan for a salad. However, for this Brooklyn Girl at heart, the calorie count did not sway me, maybe because its been…

  • How many more taxes?

    The skinny is that as of June 1 (that’s right this Sunday), New York State is imposing an affiliate tax. Of course, its not enough to have a self-employment tax and a New York State Internet Tax for purchases made online that weren’t taxed. As my folks from the old school would say, “it would…

  • Laptop ‘Lift’ Support

    This should be a good laugh. I’m currently using oversized clips on ol’ reliable Acer. It seems like my new Dell Vista laptop does not want to connect to the Internet at home, so I’m here blogging on this machine which is literally cracking at the hinges. By some miracle, the monitor is still working.…

  • Yahoo and Dunkin Donuts Gave Free Coffee

    That’s right. Dunkin Donuts and Yahoo! gave away coffee today. The catch is you have to have your homepage set to Yahoo! and you had to print out a coupon to take to you to Dunkin Dounts and volia!, instant iced coffee. Nothing like free coffee to aid in the cause for free agency.

  • Yahoo “Sells” Chocolate Milk

    I know this is off topic. However, this was just too “sweet” to pass up. Shopping in the local New York City supermarket, I found the sign selling “Yahoo” chocolate milk. It was actually Yoo-hoo chocolate milk. Thank goodness its not a permanent sign or else the trademark police would have been on the case.

  • “Eagle Eye” Cockerl

    For the first time in my Academic Career, plagiarism has knocked on my door. None the less, “Eagle Eye” (a name given to me by a colleague) noticed that the papers were too perfect. Lo and behold, I did a google search and I found them on the web. Talk about the students sending me…