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  • 6 Money Lessons for My College-Aged Daughter | zen habits

    6 Money Lessons for My College-Aged Daughter Post written by Leo Babauta. My daughter Chloe is starting out in college in the fall, and with her newfound independence will come the newfound responsibilities of dealing with money. Like many young people, she hates thinking about finances. via zenhabits.net Zen Habits gives smart money tips not…

  • Moving bank accounts from one bank to another

    I started my taxes to discover that both my business and checking banking accounts were taking monthly fees from me. That’s when I decided to change banks. Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way so that this can help others when moving bank accounts:

  • The client’s check bounced!

    The lesson here, go with your gut. This client bugged me while I was mourning the loss of my mother, I gave money back to them earlier because I haven’t done any work. I finally do some work, get a check, and it bounces costing me fees, headaches and aggravation. That’s right, the client’s check…