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  • NYTimes.com: Recruiting in China Pays Off for U.S. Colleges

    EDUCATION | February 12, 2011 Recruiting in China Pays Off for U.S. Colleges By JACQUES STEINBERG Dozens of colleges and universities are seeing a surge in applications from students in a nation where the economy is booming. Advertisement Copyright 2011 The New York Times Company | Privacy Policy Posted via email from nextSTEPH’s posterous

  • How many college profiles is too many?

    All the talk about online reputation management lately has me thinking. For a while, I have been using Google Alerts to monitor what’s being said about my clients, including the schools that I work with. Its just that with the hundreds if not thousands of college profiles sites out there, its tough for an online…

  • Colleges, be mindful of your online identity

    Colleges, don’t let others run away with your online identity.  Brad J. Ward posted about how a Facebook poser is trying to run away with the online identities of over a dozen or so colleges and universities.  Its time to wake up and be in control of how your institution is perceived online not only…